Delivery The Smartphone Film

Delivery is a feature film we are crowdfunding in the pre-production stage that will put a face to the current gig work economy through the fictional narrative of a young queer woman who makes up one of the growing numbers of real gig workers struggling with poverty and homelessness around the United States. Her weekend routine is near 24/7 work, living out of her car, waiting for the next order— hoping to achieve difficult company quota bonuses that will make the extra toil worth it… if she gets them. Her life is dictated by her food delivery app by the name of Deliver-Yum! that micro-manages her time and metrics as a worker moment by moment and the sea of faces she delivers to make split judgments on who she is and if she gets a tip.

Want to know more about this story? Check out our Seed & Spark Campaign video Below!

Our Crowdfunding Campaign Video on Seed & Spark